Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers various resources from a remote location to businessmen or businesses. Dial2Support’s Virtual Assistant Services is the thing you need to free up your time from repetitive and non-core company tasks and spend it in planning and implementing strategies for company advancement. From computerized campaign tasks, arranging meetings to personal errands, and coordinating events. You can render almost anything that a virtual assistant does. In general, e-commerce companies are filled with many logistical undertakings every day. A Virtual Assistant’s responsibilities differ according to the e-commerce company they are employed for.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Services, for example, is entirely different from eBay or Shopify services. Most websites require a VA to sign in and complete customer service to re-appropriate, order fulfilments, help a user decide on the right option as his / her preference suggests, and complete off-page activities and on-page advances, vice versa. Our virtual assistants help hundreds of eCommerce businesses grow, and we’ll be happy also to earn your business. We provide virtual assistant services in the following ways:

E-Commerce VA:

Our virtual assistants are 100% committed to helping business people like you delegate administrative and creative tasks so that you can concentrate on more important things to grow your company. A virtual eCommerce assistant is a hidden tool of many successful entrepreneurs.

You save plenty of time by having virtual eCommerce assistants, which you can use to organize and conduct core business activities. Maintaining an eCommerce company is tough. As an eCommerce company owner, you need to take care of several issues to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. If you have your eCommerce website or sell products on the market, there’s a whole host of undertakings to complete.

Therefore, you can lose center from core business operations on the off chance that you try to do it yourself. Our e-commerce assistants will support you all along the way. We provide administrative assistance, just like several innovative specialty programs, which are auxiliary to core business undertakings. Our services offer a variety of design, administrator, creative, and development tasks that will enable you to take your company to the next level.

Amazon Seller VA:

Our virtual assistants are 100 percent committed to providing virtual assistance. Maybe the time has come for you to make use of them. Finding the best virtual Amazon assistant to support your company can be a confusing errand. You need to figure out who is trustworthy, who is an outstanding communicator, who can agree to guidelines, and understand very quickly. When you allow experts to manage the daily undertakings, you will find that your company will flourish even more as you concentrate on your main objective. A virtual assistant from Amazon will take care of the boring errands in your Amazon seller company to free up your resources for more efficient spending.

An Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who brings support from a remote area to your Amazon seller company. Enrolling in a VA (Virtual Assistant) will allow you to take the responsibility off your plate every day. Then you could concentrate more on developing your Amazon seller business, or enjoy more time. Through turning over a few tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you can clear your goals and concentrate on expanding the business or maybe even enjoy the flexibility that your company has allowed you to spend more time with family and friends. However, providing virtual assistants roles is only useful on the off chance that you understand how best to incorporate the capabilities of a VA.

Shopify Seller VA:

As a startup retailer in Shopify, you will refrain from making errors that most others would throw them into losses. However, launching a successful startup with Shopify can be both exciting and rewarding. In doing so, you have to face obstacles that will make it or break it for you. We are proud to inform you that we have the experience and skills of our virtual assistants to set your Shopify startup right and push for success. Our VAs will make it grow from the main sale into a money-making machine, from researching, setting up to advancing your Shopify business.

Our technical team has the best Shopify experts on the planet to help you connect your multiple computerized stores through application synchronization of your posts with the Shopify inventory. Our persevering team will also synchronize your web-based life accounts with Shopify to promote your products with advanced on-stage marketing tools.

Again, The expansion of an existing Shopify company poses an entirely different set of challenges than the development of a Shopify startup. Company scaling means that business needs and resources that you never again have the luxury of taking care of particular business needs all by yourself or alongside a few employees. What we deliver is a simple, straightforward, virtual assistant service that takes care of all your Shopify business development needs. From coping with the day-to-day activities of your store to conveying and keeping up with vendors/suppliers to managing shipments and taking care of customers out, There give a quick response for all your business woes in progress.

eBay Seller VA:

It takes hard work to start the first eBay retail store; it needs marketing personality and active learning. That’s just the prerequisite. It’s not just about finding a lucrative niche setting and running a good eBay shop. To discover best vendors, what could sell, and how to beat the competition, you will learn the stunts of the trade. Have we told you that you need to emphasize product design, user-friendly and responsive template design, add products to your site, SEO item details to get traffic, internet marketing, and so on? Have a break! Be smart, and allow Dial2Support VAs to rescue you from hit winding and preliminary eBay store management problems.

You know that in any case, as an existing business owner, you got that right, it is so dubious to start an eBay company. You’ve found a good pace right now—the next most significant challenge to keep your company expanding. Every day hundreds, if not a great many eBay retailers enter the market for the first time. To lead the competition, you need to keep evolving, and It’s not a one-man task. Let Dial2Support give you a boost to your company.

Need to quickly transform into your eCommerce business? Our virtual assistants will surely help you speed up growth.


As a dropshipping service provider, we help e-commerce store owners to streamline their operations and boost their profitability. We work with reliable suppliers to provide our clients with quality products, while also handling the order fulfillment and shipping process. By partnering with us, our clients can focus on growing their business and developing their brand, while we handle the day-to-day operational tasks. We offer a range of services, including product sourcing, order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping. Our team of experts also provides customized solutions to help clients with their unique needs and challenges. With our dropshipping services, clients can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined e-commerce business, without the hassle of inventory management and order fulfillment.

Inbound Call:

Our Inbound Call service offers a reliable and efficient way to manage your business’s incoming calls. With our team of skilled professionals, we provide high-quality customer service, support, and sales solutions to help businesses meet their goals. Our agents are trained to handle a wide range of calls, including customer inquiries, technical support, order processing, and more. We offer 24/7 coverage to ensure that all calls are answered promptly and professionally, and we provide detailed call reporting to help businesses better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. With our inbound call service, businesses can improve their customer satisfaction, boost sales, and free up their staff to focus on other important tasks.


Outbound Call:

Our Outbound Call service is designed to help businesses reach out to potential customers and expand their sales opportunities. With our team of experienced agents, we provide high-quality outbound call services to help businesses generate leads, conduct market research, and offer promotions and special deals. Our agents are trained to communicate effectively, build rapport with potential customers, and close sales. We use advanced call technology to improve call quality, and we provide detailed reporting to help businesses track their campaign results and optimize their strategies. With our outbound call service, businesses can reach a wider audience, improve their conversion rates, and drive growth and profitability.


Tele Marketing:

Virtual Assistant

Our Tele Marketing service provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. Our team of expert marketers uses a personalized approach to engage potential customers over the phone, using targeted messaging and a consultative approach to build trust and understanding. Our services include lead generation, market research, product promotion, and customer acquisition. We use advanced technology to track and analyze campaign results, enabling businesses to better understand their audience and improve their marketing strategies. Our Tele Marketing service is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and boost sales. With our team of professionals, businesses can achieve their marketing goals and accelerate their growth.



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